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Software Company to Keep an Eye On for Mac Users

They make a email server, web server, webdav server, dns server, and more. All very affordable and fairly easy to use.

From their website…

“Art & Technology – A New Unity?

Even PC users concede that the Mac’s great for art, graphics and design. But packed into even a tiny Mac Mini is everything that is needed to run a business on—host a web site, share your ideas, create a community, market your services, execute transactions, account for cash flows, coordinate a project team, share calendars, etc. 

There’s a whole lot of powerful technologies built into every Mac – Apache, WebDav, Postfix, SMTP, POP, IMAP, Fetchmail, iCal, MySQL, SQLite, SSL, DNS, SSH, PHP, LDAP. That’s enough to help even a small company with limited resources to outperform bigger, better-endowed competition.

All we need is a way to turn them on.

Our projects focus on this theme – helping ordinary Mac, iPhone and iPad users unlock the full potential of their machines.”

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