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Pinewood Derby

So I just complete building my 3rd sons’ second pinewood derby. This makes a total of 6 we have built as a family. After watching YouTube “how to” videos we (I) determined that this is the one we would pattern our strategy after. Easy Pinewood Derby We followed it pretty closely. Spencer polished the nails with the help of our Dremo tool. He painted the car. I drilled a hole in the back for weights. We were short a couple of OZ.s day of the race so we glued them on top of the car. We didn’t worry about streamlining the car at all. According to the video this factors very little into the performance of the car.

I guess it was all true. Spencer won. This car was actually the least amount of work we had done on any of our 6 cars. It was definitely the fastest.

Spencer winning the Pinewood Derby 2016
Spencer winning the Pinewood Derby 2016

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